EnerGov Solutions, a high-touch business got high-tech space. Here’s how.

Wm. Leonard & Co.’s knowledge of the Atlanta office market and years of relationships with landlords enabled us to get a much better deal than we expected. We’ll definitely use them again the next time we need to expand.

EnerGov Founders
Founders (left to right) Ryan Hountz, Jonathan Fife, and Mark Beverly.

EnerGov Solutions develops, markets and supports software that helps state and local governments operate more efficiently and manage resources more effectively. Its products include database management, geographic information systems (GIS), interactive voice response (IVR), and Internet access for service personnel, builders and developers, and residents. Applications include land management, planning and zoning, code enforcement, permit management, license management, and inspections.

EnerGov software and systems can reduce by half or better the time required to secure a building permit, renew a license, schedule or conduct an inspection, or complete other time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks.

EnerGov was founded in 2002 by three long-time friends, Mark Beverly, Jonathan Fife and Ryan Hountz, who grew up in South Gwinnett, graduated from the University of Georgia (Fife and Hountz) and Georgia Tech (Beverly), and worked together at a software company before deciding to venture out on their own.

The company has grown rapidly, with more than 150 systems installed, and is debt-free. Key to its success, according to co-founder Mark Beverly, is the fact that EnerGov develops and supports all of the software it markets. “If our customers have a problem, there is only one phone number they need to call – ours.”

EnerGov first met Wm. Leonard & Co. when the tenant representation firm invited EnerGov’s executives to attend a technology industry event. “We told them that at some time in the future we would be looking for additional office space, and within about six months, we had outgrown the space we were in,” Beverly recalled. “After meeting with them we recognized the benefits of using their services and decided to engage them to represent our interests.”

Location was important to the founders and their employees, and so was the culture of their office. “We wanted something ‘techy’ – clean and contemporary, with plenty of glass, and great lighting. We also wanted to be able to design the space so as to help our people work more productively, with areas appropriate to each team – developers, sales and marketing, and support.

Wm. Leonard & Co. helped us create an environment with the energy our employees wanted. We have received numerous compliments on our office from clients who now are able to come to our office for training. It has been a great decision in every respect.

“Our experience is in software – not in locating new office space or negotiating leases and knowing what we should or shouldn’t ask for,” Beverly continued. “With Wm. Leonard & Co. we didn’t have to worry about any of that. We were able to rely on them and focus our time on running our business. Their know-ledge of the Atlanta office leasing market and years of experience with landlords enabled us to get a much better deal than we expected – including a very large savings on build-out.”

EnerGov also considered the option of purchasing a building as a long-term investment for the firm. “Wm. Leonard & Co. helped us work though the analysis comparing both a purchase and lease, and we decided to continue to lease and invest our capital in the growth of the business,” Beverly said.

Wm. Leonard & Co. negotiated a lease that includes front-end concessions with expansion rights on contiguous space. The agreement also includes a significant build-out package that, by itself, allowed the firm to avoid using any of its capital for the construction. “Including a turnkey on the build-out costs was very important. We wanted excellent space – and we got it – but it’s also important to us that we remain debt free,” Beverly said. “Based on what Wm. Leonard & Co. accomplished on our behalf, we will definitely use them again as we continue to grow.”

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