United Technology Group found office space that helped transform the company. Here’s how.

Wm. Leonard & Co. found office space that perfectly matches our company’s personality. Every time we bring a new client, or potential employee into our new facilities, they comment on how well it suits us.

United Technology Group Team

Left to right, Price Harding, Chairman, Brian Miller, Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Dykes, President.

United Technology Group (UTG) provides managed information technology (IT) services to several hundred small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Southeast. When they co-founded UTG in 2004, Eric Dykes and Brian Miller wanted to create a culture that focused on putting the best interests of clients above all else.

“We saw an opportunity to apply those ‘client first’ principles,” says Dykes, who serves as UTG’s president. Clients leverage UTG’s expertise in IT services required to run a business. “These are maintenance items that must be taken care of, but are not central to the client’s core value,” explains Miller, UTG’s chief operating officer. “Our job is to give our clients a lot of time back in their day, so they can focus on technology that benefits their bottom line.”

UTG’s business grew quickly, and by 2007, the firm had outgrown its office space. “We called Wm. Leonard & Co. for help,” Miller recalls. “We knew of them by reputation and had seen them at various industry events and associations. We knew that they focus on serving the office space needs of technology companies like ours, and we knew that our firms share the same values.”

When UTG needed additional space, Miller called Doug Legg at Wm. Leonard & Co. “The space we had was no longer representative of our company, its culture, and its energy. We felt a disconnect between the culture we wanted, and the space we had.” Miller continues, “We were looking for an irresistible work environment. Our culture is fast-paced and entrepreneurial, and one of our key values is to align people’s personal goals with our company’s goals. To achieve that we needed a more open and more flexible environment with a lot of ‘meet me’ space.”

While UTG was engaged with Wm. Leonard & Co. in searching for new office space, UTG was simultaneously creating a new corporate identity and marketing campaign. “The campaign included new colors, a new logo, new messaging, and a new website, and as the website launched, we moved into our new building,” says Dykes. “We created a new identity and then, in effect, stepped physically into that new identity.”

“The office was an important part of our new identity,” Miller concurs. “It felt as if we were coming to a new place to work, it was that transformative. The office space that Wm. Leonard & Co. found is unique in this area. Not only did it fit all of our needs, but the building is not like any other building. It’s set off by itself, surrounded by several acres of green space with a creek running through it and a park beyond the green space. It’s a beautiful facility and it fits our culture perfectly.”

Dykes adds, “We have sufficient meeting space now to accommodate the entire company and we support that with excellent audio/visual facilities that include the ability to connect remote offices or individuals. Our support area is very open, and we have leveraged that space with community level displays that show key performance indicators and highly visible dashboards that give us tangible value and support our objective of accountability for members of our team.”

Miller notes that Wm. Leonard & Co. provided invaluable assistance throughout the search and lease negotiations. “We don’t have a lot of history in negotiating leases,” he says, “but Wm. Leonard & Co.’s years of experience and extensive knowledge of the market made it a smooth process allowing us to stay focused on our business. Wm. Leonard & Co. was able to help us get outstanding office space at a very good rate and excellent terms that help us as we continue to grow.”

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